Guilty Pleasures

What is guilty pleasure ? This is how all my conversations would start when I would ask people in Berlin to be photographed. Guilty pleasure is a psychological feeling and it happens when something makes you feel good and gives you pleasure but on the other hand, makes you feel guilty. If you ask me it can be anything, from gestures to objects or eating habits. People can feel guilty for different reasons: for spending too much money on something, too much time wasted or not healthy for their bodies. The “guilt” involved can be also sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes. For this specific type of guilty pleasures it has been a challenge and an issue to be able to photograph, simply because if you want to hide it, you wouldn’t show it in a photograph that will be published and displayed. I do believe that we all have somehow guilty pleasures, with no regards to age, culture or gender. The guilty pleasures might be at different levels, and here is involved the level of guiltiness, which might vary from 1 to 100 percent. One person would show easily a guilty pleasure that he/she might feel a little bit guilty about but would rarely show a 100% guiltiness pleasure. Each person has different layers of guilty pleasures.

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